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Oracle Policy Automation (OPA / OPM) is an innovative, scalable product family that is designed to fit well into your current and future enterprise architecture. OPA has an interesting history behind it. It has already come a far way from SoftLaw to RuleBurst to Haley to Oracle Policy Automation / Modelling now.

- How many times have you had gigantic IT Budgets due to HUGE Project Teams?
- How many times have you seen unendingly long cycles of effort?
- How many times have you realized that the product is not what you asked for?

This is a common bottleneck in almost all IT implementations. OPA delivers state of the art technology wherein the Business Processes are converted into Business Rules, and these Business Rules are written into OPM in the Native Language.

OPM supports a wide range of languages to support Rule Authoring. These include English, Swedish, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and many more. As we can see these cover most of the language speakers from around the world. This essentially means that you as a Manager have a direct insight into the Rules being written and as to what is being developed into the system. No more shoddy products which are far from what you asked for!

The turn-around-time for all the modifications you request for your continuously evolving business processes comes down drastically.

OPA does not impact your current IT Infrastructure. OPA sits as a separate component outside any of your current systems. All other systems can easily talk to an OPA system using Web Services, and get validation based on the latest Business Processes.

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